Diversity in Sport

Committed to promoting diversity in the sport we are proud to have sponsored many pioneering sailing projects including Emma Richards in her gruelling solo Around Alone race in 2002/3, for which she was awarded an MBE and Hilary Lister, the remarkable record-breaking sailor who became the first quadriplegic person to sail alone across the English Channel.

Disabled Sailing

Sailing is an incredible sport that enables individuals, who despite some profound disabilities, can integrate with abled bodied crews and take part competitively. Our desire is to make sailing an inclusive sport, at the highest competitive level, and help individuals achieve incredible successes on the water.

Women in Sailing

Pindar Partners has consistently supported and advocated for greater gender diversity across the sport the sailing. However, frustrated by scant progress has been made across the sport in general, Andrew Pindar decided to take matters into his own hands and committed to funding the first-ever Strategic Review into Women in Sailing. Pindar approached the World Sailing Trust to undertake an independent global review and the results did not make for the easiest of reading and confirmed that the sport as a whole had a major issue with gender discrimination. The Strategic Review, which was published in December 2019, set out nine clear recommendations to drive the agenda forward as quickly as possible. The recommendations were based on the research, findings, feedback and learnings from across sailing and other sports. The sport’s governing body, World Sailing, is now mandated, with the support of the report’s author, to put into practice these recommendations.